Practice Makes . . .

spiritjunkPractice Makes  . . .

Perfect? No way. When it comes to meditation, there is no such thing as perfect. Accept it, claim it, revel in it, and keep practicing.


I used to think I was a failure at meditating. I couldn’t clear my mind. I couldn’t shut out noise or internal dialogue. It seemed like I was sitting for hours, legs and back cramping even though only ten minutes had gone by. Then I had a breakthrough, an epiphany, if you will. I just let go and let my mind do what it wanted. I call this drift.


Drift is letting your mind just freeform. Relax and don’t actively try to clear your thoughts. If you hear a sound, let it enter your thoughts and linger. As you notice each thought, you just accept it and let your mind drift to the next. Soon the noise and distractions will just come and go without taking you out of the deep, peaceful relaxation that has overtaken you. If a negative or disturbing thought drifts in, acknowledge it briefly and mentally push it aside, allowing a more peaceful thought to drift in.


While you are drifting, sometimes a powerful image, memory, or feeling comes in, immersing you in a pleasant experience. Go with it. Let yourself sink into the pleasant feeling. Oftentimes, childhood memories emerge in very relaxed states of mind. When you recognize the child within you, be sure to nurture him and give thanks to that child for all he has done for you.


These experiences are extremely valuable to your inner peace, but also in discovering who you are and understanding yourself on a deeper level.


There are all kinds of meditations we can practice which are helpful to us in some way. The important thing is to accept what comes and embrace it, taking what we need and giving back freely whenever we can. So, don’t worry about performing a specific type of meditation perfectly. You can take your practice wherever it leads you, knowing that you are doing it in a way just right for you, right now.


Sometimes the best gift we can give ourselves is to suspend our expectations and just go with whatever we need at the moment. If your practice helps you or calms you in any way, then that is perfection. Your subconscious you knows what you need. Just listen. Peace—River Layne


Photo via spiritjunk

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